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Homeopathy is a painless, safe, natural, and effective treatment for all possible gynaecological disorders. Homeopathic doctors can cure n-number of gynaecological problems with minimum possible doses.

We can take care of following Gynaecological disorders through Homeopathy Treatment:

a. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
b. Menstruation Problems
c. Uterine fibroids
d. Ovarian cysts
e. Perimenopause problems

f. Pregnancy-related issues
g. Recurrent genital infections
h. Breastfeeding problems
i. Acne flare-ups before periods

Take a detailed look about these disorders.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)- There are many females who suffers from this syndrome, bear all the pain, but never thought to bring it to doctor’s notice fearing about all those conventional treatment process. Homeopathy is best to choose because it is a natural alternative form of medicine that has no side effects and positive results are guaranteed.

PMS Symptoms; Abdominal pain, breast pain, sudden weight gain for unknown reasons, headache, migraine, mood swings, depression and any other type of irritation.

Ovarian cysts- Cysts in your ovary does not need any surgery, but a homeopathy treatment.

Uterine fibroids-Uterine fibroids/ myoma is a benign growth in the uterus, this is non-cancerous and also known as myofibroma, fibromyoma, and fibroleiomyoma. These fibroids are made up of the muscular tissue (also called fibrous tissue) of the blood vessels as well as the uterus. It is a general misconception that we need to undergo surgery for uterine fibroids, but you will be glad to know that homeopathy can actually save you from any kind of surgery for uterine fibroids and you can get treated painlessly.
It is not necessary that patient always have all of these symptoms, but it can be identified through ultra-sonography or physical examination. So, watch out of these symptoms for uterine fibroids.
• Bloating
• Uterine heaviness
• Excessive, heavy, irregular or prolonged bleeding
• Painful sexual intercourse
• Pain in lower abdomen in general
• Abdominal lump
• Infertility
• Bowel pressure with constant urging for stool
• Urinary frequency

Menstruation Problems– Many females may be noticing your irregular period cycle, menstrual fatigue, mensuration cramps/ dysmenorrhea, Menorrhagia/ copious periods, and other problems related to your menstruation cycle. You can absolutely disappear these discomforts through homeopathic treatment. Get in touch with us to know how easy it is to get rid of these menstruation problems.

Perimenopause problems-If you spot these symptoms, get in touch with us asap.

  • Hot flashes
  • Palpitations
  • Irregular or heavy periods
  • Sleep disorders
  • Variable blood pressure
  • Mood swings
  • Joint pain

Recurrent genital infections- Females are more prone to vaginal yeast infection, condylomata (genital warts), genital herpes flare-ups, etc. Homeopathy treatment with us will give you painless treatment for long-term benefits.

Breastfeeding problems-We can easily address Issues like Weaning, increasing milk supply, breast pain, mastitis, cracked or bleeding nipples, Fatigue due to breastfeeding can be treated with an ease.

Pregnancy-related issues- Did you know that common pregnancy related issues can also be treated through Homeopathy medicines?
We can treat Morning sickness, Varicose veins, Constipation & Hemorrhoids, Heartburn, Insomnia, Recovery after a C-section or an episiotomy, postnatal depression/Baby blues/, Hair loss after pregnancy and lot more…

Acne flare-ups before periods and lot more.

At homeopathic Medicare, we provide personalised medicines depending on every patient’s symptoms, age and other factors.