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We have listed few Frequently asked questions by lot of our patients. If there any other questions, please feel free to contact us

Homeopathy Treatment and medicines we provide have no side effects. We decide the treatment and medicine based on person age, kind of problem and other affecting factors and provide medicine based on same.
Homeopathy Treatment and medicines strengthen your body’s immune system. This helps to cure most of the problems through its root cause. Most of the problems like allergies, obesity, skin problems, cancer, severe health problems, Gynaecological disorder and many other problems can be cured through Homeopathy treatment.
Yes. Homeopathy medicines are safe for children, infants and pregnant women provided right medicine and dose are prescribed by a homeopathy specialist. Infact even new born babies can take homeopathy medicines when prescribed by a homeopathy practitioner.
Homeopathy treatment and remedies are based on natural treatments. We use best of natural resources available on our planet like plants, minerals, various herbs, and other natural resources which help in long term cure and have almost no side effects.
Homeopathy treatment and medicines are covered by many insurance companies. However the coverage varies to an indivuvals, group or self-employed based on insurance plans. We suggest Patients to check with extended benefits carrier whether your policy includes homeopathy treatment. If the policy does not cover it, you can be pro-active. You can ask your insurance company to include homeopathy treatmentin your coverage. If they don’t agree you can ask your broker or union negotiator to find a plan which covers homeopathy treatment.
Homeopathy medicines are comparatively less expensive than conventional medicines. Also, homeopathy treatment provides long term benefits and cure the problem from root cause.