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To schedule an appointment, please email

Homeopathic medicare offers in person appointments and also provides remote consultations with our homeopathic practitioners .

New Clients
Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours

Your first consultation with Homeopathic Medicare is focussed on understanding your problems in detail. We might ask lot of related questions about your health, medical history, lifestyle, personality, etc. The objective is to cure the root cause of your problem. We request you to please be as our transparent as possible and kindly allow up to hour to hour and half for discussion.

Existing Clients
Duration: 30 to 45 minutes

Follow ups consultations are mostly about 4 weeks apart. We are hopeful you would start feeling better and we might have to increase or reduce the frequency of medicines. We may also increase the duration of follow ups depending on your condition. But if you need to follow up on a previous consultation which is more than 1 year ago, we suggest you to request another family history form as it will help us to understand your current medical condition in a much better way.

Distance Sessions
Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours

For people who are not able to travel to our clinic we offer online meetings though Face-Time, Zoom, Skype or Phone call meetings. This discussion is detailed one to understand your current medical condition, medical history, lifestyle, personality, etc. Based on the same, you will receive your remedies in mail from us after a few days following your appointment.  Distance sessions are a great way to have an access to your homeopath for both constitutional and treatment to your problems.

Can I also see my doctor during my homeopathic treatment?

We recommended that you maintain your relationship with your GP or specialist if required. As and when necessary homeopathic and conventional approaches can be used alongside one another to give the most appropriate medical care. You can discuss the same with us during the consultation for best advice.

Homeopathy medicines mostly do not have any side effects. This is one of the main reasons people choose homeopathy treatment as they are unhappy with side effects from their conventional medication.  Any change in use of conventional medication should be discussed with both the prescribing doctor and your homeopath practitioner as your treatment progresses.

If at any stage of your treatment you are concerned about changes in your symptoms, you should immediately contact your homeopath and your medical practitioner if you taking both the medicines.